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Vaastu Shastra - General Thumb Rule is not applicable on North East & East Entrance says Reputed Vaastu Consultant in Kolkata


In this post we will discuss about Vaastu Shastra – General Thumb Rule is not Applicable on North East & East Entrance says Reputed Vaastu Consultant in Kolkata.

Vaastu Shastra is applicable on following things:

Vaastu Shastra is a guideline laid for betterment of people for fixed property, when they stay in Home, Commercial Premises or Temples. Vaastu has been shown as Vastu Purusha (Man) in a diagram which is divided into many zones. However it is not applicable on moving Vehicles (including Ships, Aeroplanes, Rockets) or RV’s since the direction changes very often.

The universe is expanding every moment & we have a role to play in it. You must have heard human being is the most intelligent species on this earth & it’s true. Human being have grown from the dark ages to modern day world. But in this due course of time, you must have heard of  many Yugas like Sat Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapar Yuga & Kalyuga.

People used to stay in a joint family & work in their home town mostly in all the other yugas mostly. This was the reason behind harmony with nature & less climate change in those yugas. But in Kalyuga, people started to move away to distant lands for work, as material gains is the primary objective. As a result the need of excess residence & commercial properties grew over time. People started to migrate to distant lands in search of income opportunities & buying vacant lands. They built houses or commercial properties, some of them followed vastu rules but not many. Since wealth became primary objective, people started to sell their own property or gave it to promoters for building flats. This is where the problem started, promoters instead of using vastu principles started to develop flats in the most economical manner to book more profits. This have landed them to huge debts. As a result you can see every day that flats booked over a period of 8 to 10 years ago are also not ready till yet.


Vaastu Purush:

Vastu Purush (Man) is an imaginary man’s position in the property. The image is like this, where you can see the property taken into consideration is a square shape for a clear understanding of directions, elements that rule those sides & padas.


Water : North East (Heavy in nature)

Air : North West (Light in nature)

Fire : South East (light in nature)

Earth : South West (Heavy in nature)

Space : Center (Open)

Everything is connected to space, hence space area should be kept open.

Each pada has been assigned to different rulers of those padas.

General terms are very commonly used in Vaastu & Astrology many practitioners in this field which should be avoided.

Vaastu for each person should be different than other. it should suit most importantly to the earning member of the family. Hence a general theory of North East or East entrance door is not going to bring him prosperity if his Sun & Jupiter are malefic or stops professional growth. So the primary thing is to see if the side ruled by planets favoring profession of earning member is the same to his property. Other things are secondary & his bedroom should be in the favourable side. But people buying wrong property or extended property have experienced more problems.

Example 1: East Entrance caused Problem

Vastu of every House should be almost similar but with entrance favoring the owner.

A classic case study, a businessman (organic food) seller recently went to an east facing store with all other sides closed. From the day 1 they shifted to this office, the business started to drop & they were not able to get orders from their existing clients. New clients also stopped giving orders. Seven months passed away, but still no improvements. They were in a partnership business. They came for a consultation process, after going through their horoscope it was clear that east side was not at all favourable for them.
Moreover they were using wrong gemstones for last seven months. As a result they chose wrong store, were not able to generate regular orders.

The business had grown in past couple of years, but it was a disaster after moving into this store. So knowing favourable side for entrance, seating arrangements & keeping the items in the side favourable for sale will differ from person to person. As soon as he changed the gemstones, they took a different commercial premises on rent & the business started to grow. They started using favorable side entrance & favorable side to keep their stocks.

If the entrance side is wrong & all the other sides are closed, it’s better to change the property like the above example.

Example 2: North East Entrance caused Problem

A Sweet Seller had constructed his house according to vastu principles with North East opening from right pada, but his jupiter indicated liability. Hence entrance door was causing main problems & his liabilities increased. But instead of focusing on the main matter, he took consultation from a local vastu consultants & they said the problem is because of a drain in front of the house. So he was worried, how can he improve this. But after a study, what I identified was he was using a Yellow Sapphire & had a main entrance door from the north east. He was recommended to use the eastern door & remove the yellow sapphire. His liabilities started to reduce very quickly. So North East Entrance is not lucky for all.

How to improve Vaastu:

Vaastu faults cannot be improved with puja, worship, installing yantras inside walls or below the floor surface. It will require external improvements, hence breaking of house is not a solution. Contact a vaastu consultant for site visit, give him the plan of property & allow him to design it for you or else if it’s an existing property you can ask for recommendations after the site visit & study of plan. It’s a lengthy process & takes three days time usually. Quick fix doesn’t work if there are many flaws.