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Dr. Shri Mithun, since he practices mostly in Kolkata & also due to his ability in solving complex problems in people’s life through his astrological knowledge & problem solving skills has earned him the title of Best Astrologer in Kolkata from people’s love, affection & respect. He is one of the pioneers of ongoing global astrological research & development of dynamic astrology which is also the most potent revolutionary astrology & is based on world statistics used by handful of top astrological researchers globally. He has professional degrees from the top most astrological institutes worldwide such as CPA – American Federation of Astrologers (USA), CAP – International Society of Astrological Research (USA) & DFAS – The Faculty of Astrological Studies (UK). He has also won a Gold Medal – Medical Astrology (London) for finding the way to extend longevity in cancer patients & patients with fragile health suffering from critical illness. He has also  won 10 prestigious international awards globally which were presented to him for his new findings in astrology with proven test results on homogeneous section & geographical segmentation of people. His Astrological Advisory is aimed at giving best possible astrological solutions for any situation which are at par with the international standards. He has been associated with some of the premier astrological institutes worldwide & working closely on latest developments. According to the latest survey done by Kerr & Shaw he has successfully retained the position of top 5 astrologers in India for the past 8 years in revolutionary astrology. Dr. Shri Mithun is an international astrologer because of his global recognition that he has earned due to lots of contributions to the world of astrology over a period of fifteen years. He has done extensive research in almost all the forms of astrology from financial astrology, medical astrology, relationship astrology, marriage astrology, assets & investment astrology, legal astrology & mystic healing powers of gem stones & crystals. He is also known as Astrologer Shri Mithun or Shri Mithun Vastu Consultant.

Best Astrologer in Kolkata

When  & why do you need an astrological intervention?

When experiencing problems in goal accomplishment even after giving maximum inputs. Favourable time for any one purpose doesn’t last forever, hence people experience such setbacks. With the help of astrological intervention one can be successful in overcoming their problems.

Why Research on Astrological Results is required?

Astrological researchers worldwide are collecting massive data & analysing it for micro analysis. This research gives the new platform to explore maximum scope of improvement by astrological intervention. Because of this research it has been found there are major & minor events due to minutest transition in planets. Traditional astrology is no longer reliable due to insufficient data, many contradictory opinions & general thumb rule practice.

Leading Astrological Researchers & institutes of international standards worldwide recommend latest findings to be implemented for understanding events in a much better way & to raise the standard of international astrologer’s advisory. Shri Mithun, astrologer in Kolkata & vastu shastra consultant guides his clients to understand the cause of their problem & gives his suggestion. Gem or gem crystals are recommended for optimum results.

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Why Shri Mithun?

  • Experienced astrologer having more than 10 years of experience & 15 years of research.
  • CPA – Astrological Federation of Astrologers (USA).
  • CAP – International Society for Astrological Research (USA).
  • DFAS – The Faculty of Astrological Studies (UK).
  • Ph.D in Astrology.
  • Gold Medal – London (Medical Astrology).
  • PG in Medical Astrology (UK).
  • PG in Vastu Shastra.
  • He has won 10 prestigious awards in the field of Astrology for his contributions.
  • Dr. Shri Mithun is a multi speciality astrologer in Dynamic Astrology.
  • Reap extra benefits from knowing suitable major & minor periods.
  • Affordability.
  • Lifetime analysis.
  • Convenient due to phone consultation from any part of the world.
  • Lab certified gemstones.
  • Minimum Consultation of one hour
  • & many more

Types of Consultation:

Face to face in Chamber


Book your consultation:

Appointment mandatory

Service Areas

Kolkata Chamber Address:

Phanindra Bhawan, 338 Ganguly Bagan, 1st Floor, Naktala, Kolkata 47

Best Astrologer in Kolkata
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Job Problem Solutions through astrology
Job Problem Solutions through astrology
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