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Senior Astrologer Dr. Shri Mithun, winner of the Global Excellence Award for Most Trusted Astrologer in India 2019 and other prestigious awards for his major contributions in research astrology is a popular astrologer in India, USA & Europe. He is a leading astrologer in India whose work has been appreciated by ICA. He is associated with many astrological research institutes internationally for further research in astrology. 

His quench for micro analysis & identifying revolutionary techniques with years of hard work  helped him to achieve the desired results on segmented group as required for the studies.  Dr. Shri Mithun & his colleagues have been able to design a new form of revolutionary astrology, which doesn’t require any rituals & has been found most effective on the sample group & on regular clients. It is known as Dynamic Astrology, which is used only for research purpose & not available in commercial market for general use.  

Dr. Shri Mithun has been awarded gold medal for his contribution towards the new findings in Cancer Patients Longevity with the help of Astrology from London. He has also won many accolades worldwide for his contributions towards excellence in domains like baby’s birth time, health, dynamic horoscope, education, career, finance, abroad settlement, business, legal, debts, horoscope match, marital relationships, numerology, palm reading, plot selection as per vastu shastra, macro planning as per vastu shastra, micro planning as per vastu shastra, color therapy, trained gemologist for gemstones, talismans & yantras.

Brightest Jewel Astrologer Award

He has been awarded at International level for his research in astrology.

Most Trusted Astrologer in India Award

Dr. Shri Mithun has been felicitated by leading personalities from time to time for his services towards human being relentlessly.

Providing best quality astrological & vastu services for more than 16 years to those who care about quality.

Meet the genuine astrologer in Kolkata, India
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Certified professional & Associated with American Federation of Astrologers (USA), International Society for Astrological Research (USA), The Faculty of Astrological Studies (UK), RASA School of Astrology (France) for astrological research & a trained Gemologist.
Dr. Shri Mithun

Color Therapy
Vastu Shastra
Certified Gemstones
Custom Built Yantras
Protective Talismans

Dr. Shri Mithun can be approached for  solutions regarding  astrology, vastu shastra, numerology, gemstones, yantras & talismans for overall progress.

Best Astrologer in Kolkata receiving award from Katrina Kaif

Best Astrologer in India - Apollo Awards

Winner of Best Astrologer in India - Jury's Choice awarded by Katrina Kaif.

Best Astrologer in Garia

International Astrologer Award (USA)

Winner of International Astrologer Award (USA)


Receiving Gold Medal

Receiving Gold Medal for his research in medical astrology.

Leading Astrologer in India provides scientific detailed horoscope analysis.

Dr. Shri Mithun is one of the most accomplished senior astrologer who has won many awards over a period of decade for research in multiple domains from many parts of the world. In other words he is a multi specialty astrologer whose skills & knowledge in problem solving is widely appreciated by the major astrological research institutes. Be it health, education, career, business, abroad travel, abroad settlement, horoscope match, legal astrology, financial astrology & many more people have full faith in his ability & he is approached by clients from every corner of the globe. 

Famous Vastu Consultant in Kolkata for residential, commercial & industry.

One of the most important thing is vastu of your home, which must be paid attention along with astrology. It can be one of the crucial things which can clash with your hard work if you are not buying the correct property. Many people realize this after a long time, they do not pay heed to this before buying or constructing a property. 

Macro & Micro Vastu planning can be done by the famous vastu consultant in Kolkata. Today most of the working professionals & business people are concerned about their well being & peace of mind, hence they not only wear fine quality untreated gemstones for astrological benefits but also get flat plan analyzed before buying.

What most people decide later in life, intelligent people decide earlier to avoid huge losses. It is an ancient science. Correct selection of plot, correct use of items during construction & other key things when combined increase the potential of any construction to favor the owner.

  • Astrology

Horoscope, Astrological Consultation for specific problems or whole horoscope analysis is provided. Palmistry is covered in special chambers. Remedy is suggested.

  • VastuShastrA

Macro & Micro Level Detailing about Vastu of a property. Good Vastu can bring prosperity to the owner. Directions, soil, structure, design, detailing are part of vastu.

  • Talismans

Astrological Talismans for stopping –ve planetary effects. Talismans are prepared by the astrologer to guard health or life threatening problems. These are used since centuries.

  • Gemstones

Gemstones are used for increasing +ve effects of benefic planets. Untreated Navratnas are used to harness the planetary energies in the form of cosmic rays absorption through gems.

  • Yantras

Custom Yantras are prepared by the expert to stop bad effects  of the property & increase good effects of the property.

  • Numerology

Numerology provides benefits in name selection, name correction, business name, mobile number, vehicle registration number, jersey & social ids.