Best Astrologer in India 2018 - 2019 Chambers: Kolkata, Jamshedpur, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore & Delhi

Dr. Shri Mithun

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Dr. Shri Mithun - Winner of Global Excellence Award Most Trusted Astrologer in India 2019, Best Astrologer in India 2018 - 19 Apollo Awards & many more.

Astrologer Dr. Shri Mithun has chambers in Kolkata, Jamshedpur & also travels to other metro cities for client consultation from time to time. He is an advanced level astrological researcher & has won multiple awards at global stage for his research contributions in astrology. 

He has also won the award of Multi Specialty Astrologer’s Award from USA. Dr. Shri Mithun is a gold medalist in medical astrology from The Faculty of Astrological Studies (London). He has more than 11 years of experience & 16 years of research background in multiple domains of astrology. He is also a research guide.

Dr. Shri Mithun is a senior astrologer & specialist in dynamic astrology,  vastu shastra consultancy & gemstone consultancy. The astrologer guides his clients on how to improve their quality of life. He is one of the most trusted astrologer in India & approached by clients from all over the world for astrological consultation.

Dr. Shri Mithun

Main Office

First Floor, 338 Ganguly Bagan, Naktala, Kolkata, 700047

Best Astrologer in Jamshedpur has won the most trusted astrologer in India 2019. This is his 12th big award.

Availability in all Metro Cities


Astrologer, Gems & Vastu Consultant Dr. Shri Mithun is available in 

Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore

& Jamshedpur also.

Consultation begins on the scheduled time.

What to expect from the consultation ?

Horoscope/ Horoscope Analysis/ Horoscope Match.

A holistic approach towards consultation from whole horoscope analysis. 

Identifying planetary obstacles in the natal chart.

Identifying scope of improvements from horoscope.

Gemstone recommendations & correct way of using them.

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