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Astrologer, Vaastu & Gemstone Consultant


Senior Astrologer Dr. Shri Mithun is a leading professional internationally for his research contributions in Dynamic Astrology. He is associated with many international astrological research institutes for further research for the betterment of people. Shri Mithun has spent his initial years in extensive field research for collecting vast amount of data, working on them & identifying the flaws in existing practice in astrological calculations for horoscope preparation. His calculation methods are based on research software exclusively used by handful of world’s research astrologers developed by him & his fellow researchers. One of the leading astrologers of Kolkata & Best Astrologer in India award winner Shri Mithun has handled many critical astrological situations with his skills. He is considered as the pioneer of Dynamic Astrology.

Shri Mithun completed his professional certifications from world’s top institutes i.e. American Federation of Astrologers (USA), International Society for Astrological Research (USA) & The Faculty of Astrological Studies (USA). He has won gold medal for his astrological research on cancer patient’s longevity in Medical Astrology. 

Other domains like Financial Astrology,  Business Astrology, Career Astrology, Gemstone Effects & Relationship Astrology is where he has made some of the most important contributions based on Constellations & that has helped him win some of the famous astrological research awards. He is a part of the ongoing global astrological research. Astrologer Dr. Shri Mithun has been felicitated with many awards for his work on pure research astrology.

As a vaastu consultant Shri Mithun can be approached for vaastu check or vaastu planning. He has been providing simple vaastu solutions for improvement.

Dr. Shri Mithun - Winner of Global Excellence Award Most Trusted Astrologer in India 2019, Best Astrologer in India 2018 - 19 Apollo Awards & many more.

What to expect from the consultation ?

Horoscope/ Horoscope Analysis/ Horoscope Match.

A holistic approach towards consultation from whole horoscope analysis. 

Identifying planetary obstacles in the natal chart.

Identifying scope of improvements from horoscope.

Gemstone recommendations & correct way of using them.