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Why does a person face troubles ? International Astrologer explains it


Why does a person face troubles ? International Astrologer explains it

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A person face troubles due to his poor judgement.

1) When the mind of the person is either preoccupied with other thoughts his mind will not be able to process the required information correctly.

2) When the person is not focused even though the person is not thinking about other things, he will most likely take an instant decision without thinking.

3) If the person relies upon other’s opinion.

4) When a person is not willing to face challenges.

All these situations come from planetary effects in the horoscope of native. Suppose a planet which can give good result might not be in a position to give results will not allow the person to get result. And planets which don’t allow desired results will give it’s effects.

These problems can be solved to a large extent with the help of gemstone depending upon the nature of trouble faced by the person.



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