Why do some IIT graduates don’t get high package job – Best Astrologer in Kolkata – Dynamic Astrology

In this post Dr. Shri Mithun discusses Why do some IIT graduates don’t get high package job – Best Astrologer in Kolkata – Dynamic Astrology. Many people use stones for success mainly in career & to achieve financial goals, but maybe less than 10% of them are bold enough to take the risk of improving their lives & financial situation as per the recent study conducted in India.

For example when many people want to get a government job, they want to know if they have any chance. Only handful of people have this chance to work in government service, they try to use favorable gemstones which help them in achieving it. Whereas on the other side there are people who have fair chance of getting a government job in a good rank & they don’t want to go for it. Some people have the convincing power but want to work in Human Resource when they can do excellent in Sales because convincing is the most important skill. In Sales that candidate would have done extremely well & could have earned maximum incentives & would have got an early promotion.

In another type there are engineers who have done their masters from IIT & also have an MBA Degree, working in a challenging atmosphere. They are not getting a good salary package even after having a strong educational background. Because their finance related planets are very weak in that respect. There are other type of people who have completed so many degrees but still not earning very high, reason is the same.

Some people will have to live through this struggle for life long, where as in some cases there are chances of improving this situation.

For improvements gemstones can be used, as per the instructions of astrologer. Some people get benefit very quickly & some get it after some time. The reasons why some people get this benefit very quickly are they changed the work & chose what will give them high success. Secondly their planets related to finance & career are stronger than those people who have success but moderate. Anything needs consistent efforts, challenges to be seen as opportunities & hard work only then a person can become successful.

Astrologer talks about low salary for IIT graduates