Vastu Planning

Vastu Planning is an ancient science which deals with construction principles which should vary from people to people. 

Where is Vastu Planning required ? 

The answer is any permanent construction for residential, commercial or industrial buildings.

When should Vastu Planning be done ?

Vastu Planning must be done at the time of planning before construction of the structure.

How does Vastu Planning help ?

Vastu Planning helps in boosting the career, health, wealth, birth of baby & relationship.

Is Vastu Puja the remedy for existing Vastu Fault ?

Vastu Puja has nothing to do with correction of a Vastu Planning. Vastu Puja is done in the last step after completion of construction & before moving into the premises.

Why Vastu Planning expensive ?

It is expensive because it is very time consuming to design a property, be it house, commercial or industry.

Most websites & books says North East is the best side for entrance ?

But if that would have been the case, I would have met every person happy who stayed in North East Entrance. It is not generalised & half baked knowledge lead people to misery.

What is required for Vastu Planning ?

Plot Map & Plot Visit for before construction.

What is Vastu Correction ?

Vastu Correction is done through site visit & study the faults. Design the corrective way & suggest installations of correct vastu yantras if any required.