Astrology & Palm Reading

Your well being is most important, with astrological analysis you get an insight.

Aura Cleansing

Aura Cleansing helps in cleansing aura of a person for a short span of upto three months.


Talismans have been used for generations, these have nothing to do with rituals but in accordance to astrological principles.


Astrological & Vastu Yantras prepared to stop negative energies.


Vastu planning or identifying scope of vastu correction. Correct use of custom made vastu yantras.

Gem & setting

Correct use of astrological gemstones & nakshatra wise design can give much higher results than normal gem settings. Our lab certified gemstones are set on ring or pendants only by expert astrological gem setting professionals & not by goldsmiths.

Astrological Consultation can be availed for the below mentioned topics.

If you have identified specific problems bothering you, do feel free to take a consultation.

Specific Problems Solving with Astrological Consultation.

Most of the people want a complete consultation regarding their entire future & how to improve it through all the possible ways.

Full Horoscope Analysis with Palm reading, Numerology & Color Therapy Help.

This is a yog which many people in this world are afflicted with. It impacts marriage, work place, gives aggression & reduces the immune system.

Consultation for stopping mangalik Problems.

All the planets including Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus & Saturn are posted between Rahu  & Ketu gives major problems in many instances which can affect married life, fertility issues, job loss, career problems or health issues.

Take consultation for stopping kaal sarp problems.

People who have a Saturn Moon conjunction or aspect, it is one of the most malefic combinations which destroys mental peace & gives critical illness.

Consultation for stopping vish yog problems.

People born with this yog generally find it very difficult to get early success.

Consultation for Gand Mool Yog.

If you have been few health issues & want to seek an astrological consultation regarding this.

Consultation for health problems.

If your marks are getting affected, concentration level is not upto the mark.

Why to wait, take consultation for education related problems.

Many people forget to select the best possible business name & select name of Gods or their own have not been much successful.

Know what will be the Best name for self & business.

Get sudden problems in business from no where & also solutions for upcoming problems.

Consultation for ongoing & upcoming business related problems.

Many people face problems with their seniors due to some or other reasons. This consultation is for such people.

Astrological consultation for solving Boss related problems.

If you have been facing humiliation at your work place or at home & getting frustrated, you can take a consultation.

Facing humiliation at work place or home ? Get consultation for humiliation problems.

Many people fall under situations which causes depression. If you are one of them, you can take a consultation.

Astrological consultation for Depression related problems. 

This was one of the most ignored aspect which affected business partnership. However many business partners go for it now a days to choose good partners.

While partnering for business, get the business partner compatibility check.

Many type of problems in job bother working professionals, so they want to go for this consultation.

When you want to know how can your job problems get solved.

Many people are settled abroad & want a complete astrological solution for them self & their entire family, so book a telephonic consultation. 

Want to take consultation from abroad or a different city on phone, book a telephonic consultation.

Horoscope Match in conventional way of how many gun (points) are getting from just using primitive techniques are very weak in ascertaining the tenacity of the relationship does not give us a clear picture if they will be able to perfect fit for marriage & their family members. Hence an entire horoscope analysis is required.

Why to take a risk, get a horoscope match for yourself or your kids before finalizing marriage.

Situations like divorce arise when a person got married to someone whose chart is either weak or theirs. This allowed the problem to develop & it is seen how can that marriage be saved with astrological intervention. Both the horoscopes are analysed completely.

If you want to save your married life, you can take consultation.

Many people want to get separated from their unwanted love relationship or end marriage. The horoscope is analyzed.

If you want to get separated from an unwanted existing relationship.

Professionals or Business class people remedial measures for getting out of legal problem.

If you want to keep yourself safe from legal problems, you can take a consultation.

A certain percentage of people have bad accidental fortune & they seek an astrological solution for this.

If you have an accidental fortune & need an astrological consultation.

No body likes one after another surgeries, it impacts their mental condition. 

If you have undergoing one after another health related surgeries, want an astrological consultation.

Some unfortunate people do not get dates for surgery, know if you have any such possibility. This is also required when surgery can save them. 

If you want to know, whether you will be able to get get any surgery for any major illness.

Not only Vastu Consultation, but Vastu Visit & charges.

Rs. 5,000/- for one floor.

Vastu planning for new house.

Rs.5,000/- for one floor .

Vastu Planning & Corrections for old house.

Rs. 5,000/- for one floor.

Vastu planning of new shop or correction of old shop.

Starting Rs. 15,000/- for one floor.

Vastu planning for new office or correction of old office.

Starting Rs.35,000/- for one factory.

Vastu Planning or correction of factory.

Rs. 5,000/- for one plot.

Vastu wise plot selection.

About the Consultant

I have always tried to deliver the services as per International Standards of Astrological Practice to all my clients & while interacting with my clients always discuss the solutions & enjoys a healthy relationship with my loyal clients. I am always just a call away, if you are using my manufactured products & enjoy not only the benefic results, but post consultation for my loyal clients get one year free consultation.

 Advise to all my clients is to wear good quality of gemstones as they can to get maximum positive results of planets. Lesser the gemstone has been exposed to any kind of treatment & higher transparency will surely give best results. 

Navratnas are blessed with planetary energies for healing purposes. But not only a good quality gemstone is required but specific design of ring for gem setting will yield higher results in different nakshatras known to the consultant. The consultant has expertise in vastu planning to macro & micro level for any kind of fixed property. 


Chamber Consultation Fees for Kolkata (Garia Chamber) only Rs. 1,000/- per person for 1 hour.

Telephonic Consultation & Chamber Consultation Fees for other chambers except Garia (Minto Park, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai & Jamshedpur): Complete Horoscope Analysis with best name, best gemstone recommendation, numerology, palm check & color therapy @ Rs. 2,000/- per person. 

Horoscope Match for marriage @ Rs.2,000/- per match.

Full Compatibility check for Business Partnerships  starting Rs. 4,000/- for two business partners (Rs.2,000/- per person).

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