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Numerology - Improves Planetary Strength

Numerology is as important as astrology & has been preferred by the most famed celebrities & sports personalities after leading corporate giants  have done it in the past in order to sail through tough times easily & gain immensely when the time favors. However there are certain exceptions who have not gone for it, because they have almost all the planets in a very strong position. Even the politicians are using it now a days.

But most people or business house don’t enjoy strong combination of planets & hence along with astrological remedy, numerology comes to rescue the native. This is most important when the person tries to begin his or her career. 

This is used in individual names, baby name selection, vehicle number plates, house number, mobile numbers, social media id’s & jersey. Numbers are important & they have a specific role in our lives. It can take you to where you want to be upon implementing it in your daily life.

As of now this comes under a package in our special consultation & telephonic consultation. It is not a part of regular chamber consultation, it can be added with combo service which includes color therapy, palm analysis in that session during booking at a nominal cost of Rs.1,000/-

Exact Date, Time & Place of Birth is required of the native.

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