Most Trusted Astrologer in India talks about Abroad Settlement or Abroad Travel.

It is one of the key things which many professionals & students want to know hence Most Trusted Astrologer in India talks about Abroad Settlement in this post. Since the pay scale is better than in our nation & due to availability of skilled personnel here. There are many people who have went abroad but were not prepared for a return but they had to return, now the problem was getting an opportunity to settle down in a foreign country as well as getting a new job in India which they did not get. This is one of the most important part for people which is discussed in the consultation process. 

Now there have been other instances like many people got married abroad to someone & later got divorced. Their primary concern was how good will they be able to handle situations when it came to employment which they need after separation. This part is discussed in employment or career part during horoscope analysis.

Abroad Settlement in astrology

No doubt that there are chances of many people going abroad, but in the favorable periods only. First one person can travel abroad in Dasha, Bhukti & Antar Dasha of favorable periods. Hence it is the most important thing & secondly there are planetary positions to be considered in horoscope for a better understanding. Male & Female planets are also to be seen in the horoscope. Thirdly signs have to be seen which type of sign is it whether:

Cardinal/ Moveable Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn

Fixed/ Static Signs: Leo, Taurus, Scorpio & Aquarius

Dual/ Mutable/ Common Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces

Based on that one person’s time & duration of stay can be understood. Other things like planetary transits & houses are to be considered depending upon the birth chart. Other divisional charts should also be seen to confirm the same.

For a horoscope analysis regarding  the abroad settlement or abroad travel, you can take a consultation from the Leading Astrologer in India Dr. Shri Mithun.

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