Most Trusted Astrologer in India suggests a compatibility check before marriage

We all are living in a time when people have so much of work to do with hardly any time to focus on most important thing i.e. marriage. Dr. Shri Mithun Global Excellence Award 2019 Winning Most Trusted Astrologer in India suggests a compatibility check before marriage. It is necessary for every person, so that people can understand how strong their horoscope is with respect to marriage. People end up going to a local astrologer in a hurry for a marriage compatibility which we all know as Kundli Milan in India. But there all they get to know is what gan, rashi & graha are saying with respect to marriage. If there is any weakness in chart, that is most certainly ignored because proper planetary analysis & whole horoscope analysis process was skipped. Just a mere score is arrived at after the check & communicated to clients. But why is it so that even after so much of kundli milan or horoscope match people end up getting separated.

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The answer is a flaw in the analysis itself. Because for marriage all the planets in a person’s chart are responsible & not a single planet or a single house. In depth study of planets, houses are to be done before going ahead. Dr. Shri Mithun does the horoscope analysis as per international standard which saves people from facing separation. If there is any chances of separation, the astrologer will tell the client. Sometimes, it can be fixed & sometimes it cannot be fixed even after wearing gemstones.

Hence proper care is taken while doing horoscope match, it’s a one hour process & the clients are informed about the strength as well as weakness of their horoscope & their partner’s horoscope. Now there are people who have been married long ago, but living in the marriage for just fulfilling the wishes of their parents without any love or affection. There are some other people who have found love out of their marriage & chose to be in the marriage just because their kids are growing. Some stay just because they are not financially independent & some because they love the person whom they got married to, but find that their spouse does not have any feelings or responsibilities for their life partner. Rest of the unhappy people decide to separate. Many such life partners abuse verbally or physically to their partners.

Some people have a second marriage, because their first marriage was not for long duration, it could be because of the longevity of their spouse. Some people also face face problems adjusting in their second marriage as well. So it’s better to go for a complete horoscope match to understand the character of your spouse, how much love to expect, will they care for each other, will there be any chance of separation, can separation be avoided, will there be any sort of acceptance problem from the inlaws side & so on. After understanding such things, one should marry a person. So select your astrologer carefully & go for a complete horoscope match of two individuals with respect to marriage. Scores are not enough.