Marrying Older Girl or Boy

Marrying older girl or boy. How can we know if this is going to happen, lets see here.. Many people have this question in their mind, they sometimes feel whether it will be right for their family. Many times their families have raised objection to this & have asked them to marry some one of same age. Those who fall in love don’t care about how much is the age difference. 

But let’s see who all can fall in this category, people from Cancer ascendant, Leo ascendant, Virgo ascendant & Libra ascendant are two major signs who can fall into this category but not necessarily. Planet Saturn in astrology which also denotes older people if placed in ascendant or fifth, seventh house or lord of seventh of house or sub lord of seventh can give such conditions which may lead to such marriages where the partner can be older than them which has no age limit. 

Rahu another shadow planet or the northen node of the moon if occupies the above mentioned positions can also lead to marrying older girl or boy including positioned in ascendant or third house in horoscope of the native. Butwhether this marriage will be successful or not, to know this & know other aspects of the person in question, a complete horoscope analysis is required, you can contact a trusted astrologer.