International Astrologer talks about Gemstones – Gives guaranteed success

International astrologer talks about Gemstones – Gives guaranteed success

If you have been looking for astrological solutions then you should read & understand why International astrologer talks about Gemstones – Gives guaranteed success. Gemstones have the power to attract planetary energies very fast & deliver quick success. This is the sole reason why people use coloured gemstones. Other things which are sold in the name of astrology like rudraksha, kavach, taabiz, yantra & etc are not capable of giving any kind of astrological results. Well ritual like Puja or donation or feeding animals cannot give any kind of results. But people keep on writing about such things in the name of religious beliefs & being dressed in a get up of spiritual healers they try to spread false news in the name of astrological remedies. First thing people have to understand that astrology is about the horoscope of a person & it has no connection with God or animals or magic or spells. However it is your personal choice, if you have extra quids to spend then you may do as you like.

Being an International Astrologer I would like the readers to understand Gemstones are the only thing which can give guaranteed results.

You might ask why only gemstones can give results & not rudraksha or any other thing.

Let me explain it to clearly that gemstones or navratna means nine powerful earth mined, cut & polished stones which has the capacity to attract the rays & allow it to pass through your body in the quickest manner in order to give rapid success in your undertakings. It can change misfortunes to fortunes in a very short span of time. Unless the rays enter into body you will not get the results & only navratna gemstones allows maximum  rays to pass through it.

Lets start with Colourless Diamond which is for Planet Venus allows all cosmic rays to travel through gemstones into body & hit Hrit Padma Chakra.

Second we talk about Hessonite or Garnet which allows Ultra Violet Rays to travel through the gemstone & allow Vyom Chakra to activate this is used for Planet Rahu.

Thirdly we will talk about Amethyst which allows Violet rays to travel through it & hit Sahasra Chakra. It is used for Planet Saturn in astrology.

Fourth we discuss about Blue Sapphire, is used for planet Saturn which allows Indigo Rays to enter into the body & activate Ajna chakra. A misconception that it is the fastest in giving results. It ranks 4th.

Fifth we will talk about Yellow Sapphire, is used for planet Jupiter which allows Blue Rays to enter into the body & activate Visudha Chakra. it is very quick in delivering results.

Sixth we discuss about Emerald, is used for planet Mercury which allows Green Rays to enter into the body & activate Heart Chakra.

Seventh we take a look at next gemstone Ruby, is used for planet Sun which allows Yellow Rays to enter into the body. Even Yellow Topaz is used for the same.

Eighth we talk about Pearls which is related to Moon, gives fast result when it comes to attracting Orange Rays & activates Swadhisthana Chakra.

Ninth we talk about Red Coral which is related to planet Mars, gives the fastest result in attracting Red rays & activating Mooldhara Chakra.

Tenth we will look at Chryso Beryl Cat’s Eye which is related to planet Ketu, it is also a quick acting gemstone getting infra red rays through it & activating Feet Chakra.

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