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All types of astrological gemstones are available with Astrologer Dr Shri Mithun & they are handpicked by the astrologer. All such gemstones are carefully inspected & then certified from the reputed gem testing lab before giving it to clients. Primarily there are main 9 gemstones which are also known as navratnas: Sea Pearl, Red Coral, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Hessonite, Cat’s Eye & Ruby. 

We recommend only natural untreated gemstones.

Navratnas & their association with planetary energies:

  • Ruby – Sun (Ring Finger | neck)
  • Pearl – Moon (little finger | neck)
  • Padparadscha Sapphire or Red Coral – Mars (ring finger | neck)
  • Emerald – Mercury (little finger | neck)
  • Yellow Sapphire – Jupiter (index finger | neck)
  • Colorless Diamond or White Sapphire – Venus (ring finger | neck)
  • Blue Sapphire – Saturn (middle finger | neck)
  • Hessonite – Rahu (middle finger | neck)
  • Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye – Ketu (middle or little finger | neck)

These gemstones need proper cleansing after one week of use, hence they must be immersed in a bowl of plain water overnight & must be cleaned by a toothbrush only gently in the morning before use. Soaps or detergents should not be used for cleaning the gemstones. This will keep the gemstone clean & allow the wearer to get desired results.

Gemstones & their origin for strong results in astrology :-

Ruby: Burmese & Madagascar Ruby is considered best for astrological results used for Sun is astrology.

Pearls: Basra & Burmese Sea Pearls are best for astrological results which is worn to get strong effects of Moon.

Red Coral: Italian & Japanese Red Corals give best results & are associated with planet Mars.

Emerald: Colombian, Zambian & Brazilian Emeralds have always proved beneficial for planet Mercury.

Yellow Sapphire: Ceylon Yellow Sapphires are considered best for astrological results related to planet Jupiter.

Purple/ Blue Sapphire: Kashmir, Burmese & Ceylon Blue Sapphires are known to give best results for planet Saturn in astrology.

Hessonite: Hessonite from Ceylon are very powerful when it comes to giving results.

Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye: Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye or better known as Ceylon Cat’s Eye are the best gemstones for planet Ketu.

The natural untreated gemstones are known to attract maximum amount of rays when worn, as a result clients start to get desired results very quickly. This helps in clearing the obstacles caused due to planetary positions in the birth chart. Gemstones are known to give very strong results & have always been favourite to people who want long term effects & durability. This is why clients want to know which lucky gemstone can change their fortune. Such lucky gemstones vary from individual to individual & they are recommended by the experienced Astrologer Dr. Shri Mithun after careful analysis of the horoscope.

All of our gemstones come with a lab test certificate.

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