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Difference between an Old Burma Ruby & New Burma Ruby explained by the best astrologer in Kolkata

Difference between an Old Burma Ruby & New Burma Ruby is explained here in this post by one of the most trusted & best astrologers in Kolkata.

Origin of New Burma Ruby is Thailand popularly known as Bangkok Rubies. They are very cheap & are not for astrological qualities because such rubies are lead glass filled & color diffused in nature. However an untreated ruby of the same origin will be very expensive. Lets understand this with today's market price of both the rubies.

A glass filled ruby which is sold by most of the gemstone selling shops are in the range of Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 7,000 per carat. They are passed of to customer in the name of Burmese Ruby or New Burma Ruby, but actually are glass filled ruby. Their origin is of either Bangkok or Mozambique.

Where as a Bangkok Ruby or Mozambique Ruby of untreated nature will start from Rs. 10,000 per carat.

However some cheap astrologers are engaged in selling such treated rubies as Burmese Rubies. The customer feels as if he has bought the best quality ruby & his purpose will be solved whereas in reality this does not fall under gemstone category & will never be able to help it's owner in achieving any success. Because it's crystalline structure has been compromised with glass filling. It is just a glass as per American Gem Testing Lab.

Origin of Old Burma Ruby is from Burma i.e. Myanmar. They are generally very expensive & considered the best among rubies. It's color will range from light pink to Deep or Vibrant Red. Since this gemstone is untreated it will have many inclusions & negative crystals inside it. It's starting range will not look very attractive but still more powerful than a New Burma Ruby.

An Old Burma Ruby will start from atleast Rs. 10,000 per carat & will go up with the weight, color & clarity. People looking for astrological benefits are advised to buy only such rubies by knowledgeable & most reputed astrologers.

If you have to invest in a gemstone for betterment of your future, then always invest in an untreated gemstone. High quality always comes with a heavier price tag. But atleast you will receive the benefits of the gemstone. It is the original gemstone of planet Sun in astrology.

People are not fools who rush for expensive gemstones because they know, only original gemstones are going to give them benefits.

Other good quality Ruby comes from Jagdalak, Montepuez & Madagascar.

New Burma Ruby is a glass filled Ruby


New Burma Ruby


Old Burma Ruby is untreated Ruby starting Rs. 10,000/- per carat available with us.


Old Burma Ruby


You should always ask the astrologer to provide gemstone to you, because they know which will be beneficial to you. Because now a days gemstone selling shops including all the big branded ones will charge you atleast much more than an astrologer will because they have large number of employees, their operational cost, cost of their advertisements on various media &smaller ones are not reliable. They don't even know which gemstone is from where.

All of our gemstones come with a lab certificate including treatment report, which even the branded gemstones will not be able to provide & that too at a much lesser price. It's our guarantee.

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