I am deeply saddened by the loss of lakhs of innocent lives lost due to Covid 19 in 2020. So as a consultant I am trying to follow the safety instructions to reduce the chances for covid infection. While face to face consultation with my clients, I use my face mask & ensure that all my clients are sanitized & use their face mask properly. 

At the time of taking an appointment, please do tell us if there is any covid patient in your building premises or if you have come in contact with their family members within past 14 days. If you have undergone any covid 19 test in past 14 days. If you have any cough, cold or any other symptoms In all such circumstances, we will arrange a date & time as soon as you are in good health.



Due to Covid face to face consultation in overseas & some cities are closed for now.

Mask Compulsory

Every Client is required to wear a clean face mask during face to face consultation.

Hand Sanitizing

We ensure that every client is cooperating for using hand sanitizer during consultation.

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