Corona Virus – Covid 19

I have mentioned in one of my post Bad Times to Destroy Economy Health in September 2019 that there can be a critical situation in this time frame. Corona Virus is one such thing which was a brain child by developing nations to bring down the economy as mentioned earlier. This was devised to destroy the small & medium business by the American Corporate Giants. One of the American Scientist who was in China for over a period of three years getting funded by Chinese was recently arrested from China by America but hardly any news was shown to media on this. The news corporations were not allowed to show this to people, because this was planned long time ago. Poor nations will be forced to further poverty like Nigeria & many others who have seen production cuts on oil (business ruled by Saturn).

According to Government agencies News Papers & plastic may contain corona virus, but what they want to hide is real news published on news papers. Digital Media was under their full control because they can block any link at any time. News Papers would have brought this news to you, but then government would have been an embarrassing position if people knew that developed nations planned Corona Virus theory. If you have watched news properly in the initital days of lock down, one of the doctors on a popular news channel said that there are difference between Corona spread in America & India as per their sample reports study. Infact European countries & America a severe kind of corona virus was spread in America which lead to many human casualties.

So the ventilators are also made up of plastics, then how come a corona virus patient is given same ventilator pipe which has plastic, that was used by some critical patient who used it in icu previously. So Cororna Virus won’t spread from there ?? So what are the chances of Corona Virus patients survival who use these ventilators ?

Then came another theory of Lock down or social distancing is more effective, which proved to be a blunder. After lock down also there were more number of cases reported as compared to before lock down in India. The government does not even know what is a Corona Virus or what are the type of Corona Virus. Then Tabliki Jamat was highlighted in news channels as one of the major causes. But question is when government knew that Corona was widely spreading in China & other nations, it should have been the primary goal of government to identify who had come to India in that time & lock them down to contain it.

But the government was linenant on this matter & chose to wait for spreading the virus to get an excuse to lock down the country & become a hero in the role of protector & saviour.

It started from China with the help of US Scientist, so why is it that the world is silent on the role of scientist. Why does news channels keep their mouth shut on this serious issue, it is most probably the government has asked the media not to do so. When viral videos were repeatedly shown on their news channel every day, let me show me you one of the viral videos which Indian & other foreign news channels did not bother to show.

Then another theory emerged that African American are dying more compared to native Americans in America, so how can corona virus be selective. But the Trump administration was prompt on bringing some doctors on news channels to say that immune system of African Americans are weaker than native Americans which is an absurd statement which I have ever hard. As we all know such things corona virus will not target those who has a dark skin. It’s specifically targeting & this process if analyzed carefully will show that in India also where Congress & other states are in power will be most likely affected states most probably.

The national lock down has brought daily wage earners to their knees & most of the commodities are sold at a higher price than mrp. It has increased in black marketeers. So the end result is loss of jobs in days to come as predicted earlier. These things could have been stopped much earlier, but without government’s ignorance or role in killing small & medium business in the background of corona virus theory have proved to be a disaster.

Hospitals will get ventilators at a much cheaper price because of this created emergency by developed nations which will be recovered from only tax payers money in coming years. Recently the people of India were forced to buy commodities like onion, meat & many others.

Government is very clear to telecast Ramayan, Mahabaharat & other religious serials during critical situations. As Napoleon Bonaparte said Religion is for weak people which keeps them happy. That is the reason entertainment channels are showing this to people so that people start to pray to God & keep silent on this issue. I will say it is a master stroke.

As predicted earlier, the astrology has proved to be correct.