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Color Therapy - Adds positivity in Life & Brand

Color Therapy is a way through which an individual or a brand can add positivity which helps in providing the core values of a planet. Colors bring the vibrance & allows to create positive attitude by supporting the positive actions of the person or a brand in one or more areas.

Earlier people were not very much concerned about colors, they preferred colors which most of the times did not suit them not only in India but abroad as well. Earlier it was not possible due to non maintaining of birth details accurately specially those born in rural areas or in their home. However with the deep desire to succeed in life & companies focusing on carrying out the expansion mode they felt need of this. 

Designers were appointed by the companies for designing their logos & those who preferred safest way decided to seek planetary blessings with lucky colors for their organization. 

Individuals were not left behind, after observing that if Industrialists were seeking such planetary benefits why not they do it for them self & their family members. Now more number of people who want to be successful as much as they can seek this answer “which color or colors are lucky for them”.

It can give benefit in health, education, career, prosperity & legal side to name among few. The best form of color therapy is to use favourable color of clothes atleast in our working hours.

  • Consultation comes under Special Chamber


It is covered in Special Chamber or Telephonic Consultation. But for Regular 1 Chamber in Kolkata Garia, it will not be covered under only astrological consultation or horoscope match. Special Chamber rate shall be applicable & must be selected accordingly.

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