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Basic things that you must have is Correct Date of Birth, Time of Birth & Place of Birth. This is required to calculate & arrive at a certain conclusion about the person’s life.

Why instant consultation is not provided ?

The answer is it takes atleast two hours time to assess a horoscope minutely & since there is always some one waiting for their consultation, so it is done on first come first serve basis. In All in One service it takes even more time since the palm is also checked, Numerology & Color Therapy are also involved hence it is a time consuming process.

What if you do not have your birth details & want only Palm check ?

In such cases, as per the eligibility criteria set for client consultation it is mandatory to have correct birth details mere palm reading is not considered a safe measure to assess planetary effects.

Before booking please check with the astrologer if he is available on the date of consultation & after that you shall proceed to book the consultation.


Shri Mithun

Senior Multi Specialty Consultant Astrologer is an award winning astrologer year on year basis. He is considered as pioneer of the Dynamic Astrology. Shri Mithun has dedicated his life to the mystique field of Astrology & has deep passion for consulting with his clients. But none the less he is a firm believer in fate of human life which a person is born with & the immense potential they have in their life time. 

Shri Mithun believes every individual has been born with a talent & if that talent is shaped properly, then the person will be able to succeed. Those who have high expectations & not willing to work for it will fail miserably. But people with not very high expectations can outperform their expectations & lead a much comfortable life.

As a consultant astrologer he consults thousands of people & have found that people with the intentions to invest in their dreams & work hard have succeeded. Yes there are situations when people face problems all of a sudden & they need astrological guidance, Shri Mithun is there to provide you with consultation & remedies.

Providing quality astrological & vastu solutions for those who prefer quality.







09:00 am to 09:00 pm


Must be booked three days in advance.

Minto Park




04:00 pm to 08:00 pm


Must be booked two months in advance.





09:00 AM to 09:00 pm


Must be booked one day in advance.

For Consultation

Please book your appointment.

Few things to know

Most frequent questions and answers

You have to book your appointment by online payment using any of the applications like UPI, Google Pay or Paytm.

You have to send your birth details (exact date of birth, exact time of birth & exact place of birth) along with the screenshot of the transaction reference number on whatsapp 7044130054. You will be contacted by whatsapp about the appointment slot.

Time can be adjusted as per your convenience & available slots.

Home Visit facility is available & it will be Rs. 6,500/- covering upto 4 members. It includes only horoscope analysis & must be booked at least 3 days in advance online. 

Contact on 7044130054

All in One is a complete process through which the astrologer will provide you an insight about the complete horoscope analysis, palm check, numerology, color therapy & provide information about what remedies to be done.

Complete Horoscope Analysis

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