Best Astrologer in Kolkata – late marriage

Best Astrologer in Kolkata talks about late marriage..

best astrologer in kolkata talks about late marriage

The problem of late marriage has increased & the family members want their child to get married early. Seventh house or seventh lord’s position is very weak, second or eleventh house or eleventh lord is afflicted. Jupiter in girl’s horoscope or Venus in boy’s horoscope are weak is one of the reason. Horoscope & Navamsa is also to be checked to identify the cause of delay. Unfavorable dashas or malefics like shadow planets Rahu, Ketu could be severely malefic hence causing unnecessary delay. Saturn, Moon & Mars are other three planets which can also cause delay.

But this is one of the general things which most of the astrologers will tell you, to get a detailed analysis you can book a consultation with the Best Astrologer in Kolkata.  For consultation you can book an appointment dial +91 7044130054

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