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Bad Times To Destroy Economy & Health – Best Astrologer in India Says

Bad Times to destroy economy – astrology.

Here I would like to highlight that from November 2019 to end of March 2020 will emerge a major cause of economic downturn, due to corruption, black marketing & greed of people in the first phase.

Let’s see how does it relates, for a stable economy Jupiter the planet of finance will be with Rahu & Ketu. It will also be accompanied with Saturn which represents government. Rahu & Ketu being malefic planets which depict greed for materialistic goals, corruption, black marketing & violence. Since Jupiter will be present with these two shadow planets Rahu Ketu & third is Saturn. Monetary gains for a long term shall be the main objective. Whenever Jupiter is with Rahu & Ketu it becomes a financial disaster in general for everybody specially who are doing normal business. But it becomes the best time for corrupt politicians, corporate giants & violent protesters.

Placement of Rahu in Gemini & Ketu in Sagittarius (dual signs) will create a havoc since they are not stable & dual in nature as known to astrologers. They tend to split things for worse only when there is malefic planets in such houses. Mars was in Virgo again a dual sign. Venus naturally the lord of 2nd & 7th (Marak houses) also join these three plants on 21st November which rules second house (wealth) & seventh house (death giving house, others) & posted in enemy house of Jupiter along with three most malefic planets which signify death & destruction in general. This shall prompt the corrupt people to make most money out of the situations by creating a challenging atmosphere to restrict people or to increase violence. These things are possible only when governments & big corporate play a role.

In a scenario like this 16th December Venus exits from Sagittarius & goes to Capricorn. 24th January onwards Saturn transits to Capricorn which is it’s own house & which shall bring restrictions (which otherwise would not have been this serious if it was not with Rahu, Ketu before that). It shows Saturn the planet known for restrictions & Venus the planet ruler of Marak & wealth houses can cause people to restrict from movement as well as economy going down.

Sun joins the trio on 17th December 2020, which also signifies government & general health indicates that people will have to suffer from health problems which shall impact the workforce of the nation. A strong Sun is the sign of prosperity & a weak Sun indicates poor wealth or economy. Mercury joins Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun on 25th December. Now see dual planet with malefic combination can further destroy the economy as Rahu is in the Gemini house owned by Mercury & now Mercury also being affected. Mercury generally rules intelligence. People will most likely be fooled with false information from government agencies & news channel since mercury rules communication also.

Mars joins Rahu, Ketu & Jupiter on 8th of February which indicates military or police personnel also involved in a mass scale. This formation with Moon joining these four planets on 18th February causing Kaal Sarp yog which shows an economy going down turn from there on till 16th July till Sun exits from the Rahu Ketu aspect. However there will be another jolt from 30th June onwards to 20th September as Jupiter will be in a retrograde with Rahu Ketu aspect conjunction.

This is a clear indicator of major job losses due to financial losses of all types of business. Media, Medical & Government agencies will be exceptions to these. Since they will be somehow involved in relying upon rumors (since Rahu & Ketu creates confusion & increases greed on the materialistic person who have no sympathy for people).

It might happen that lot many people die as well, because Jupiter the planet which gives life will be severely affected in this tenure. Jupiter rules 9th house which represents loss of employment when in malefic combination of Rahu & Ketu. 9th house also signifies higher education so higher educational institutes will also struggle. Jupiter also rules on 12th house \ Bhava which shows hospitalization, death, losses & expenditures which shall increase in due course of time. It will further bring down the economy or trade to a large extent.