Astrology in Computer - Horoscope in Computer

Astrology in Computer or Horoscope in Computer can be seen through a complete horoscope, however only a learned astrologer will be able to guide correctly on this.This is one of the questions asked by one person to me. I would like to point out that he asked astrology in computer, however he was willing to ask was how can he see his horoscope. This question is very important for those who want to plan their lives carefully & prioritize their goals.

Now some people have this thought in their mind, what is the difference between prioritizing their goals & following normal astrology ? But the answer is there is a big difference in it, except for only lucky few who have a very strong horoscope for next many years to come. But this is not the case with general people who are scattered in different geographic & come from different demographic segments. Favorable & unfavorable events change the lives of people forcefully without even their knowledge. It can imply to child birth, general health, studies, higher education, relationship with parents & teachers, job, self employment, business, love life, married life, abroad travel, loss of wealth, growth of wealth, accidents & etc.

Horoscope gives a picture about shortcomings in a person’s life, so it’s better to understand what are the good or bad things coming on a yearly basis. Based on that it’s better to prioritize the goals & move ahead, if required use of correct gemstones or talismans can be beneficial for the native. If the person just follows general astrology, he or she might not get a complete understanding of what his or her horoscope has in store for life. So it’s better to get a complete astrological guidance either at once or in yearly guidance from a learned astrologer. He must get a yearly advice like a health check up yearly, to stay well informed & be prepared for shortcomings.