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Astrology is an old science which was passed from Lord Shiva to Sages centuries ago. Some puran also mentions about this. As most of the people know about it as Vedic Astrology. It is a science which helps in knowing the future & when it can take place. Horoscope is prepared on the basis of accurate date of birth, time of birth & place of birth provided by the native or his or her parents. 

Horoscope is also known as Janma Kundli which gives the information about the person’s capacity to achieve in their lifetime & how. It is also seen what all unwanted situations can affect the native & to what extent it can be avoided with any astrological intervention. Astrology has been practiced from centuries worldwide & many developments have taken place after that. However with the help of astrological developments gemstones from navratnas or talismans are mentioned in Purans as well & considered most effective as per the study on segmented groups.

Every person is different irrespective of born in the same lagna or same planetary placements. In many situation, a person who has the capacity to achieve higher goals & become more successful but spend a normal life. 

Many people in India & abroad generally buy gemstones such as rubies, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, corals & pearls just for the sake of jewellery is not a good habit. The gemstones should be used only if they are beneficial for them. Because not every type of gemstone will suit a person.

Astrological consultation is about faith & action. The scope of improvements will be identified & discussed with the native for remedial measures. In special chamber session or telephonic consultation, palm analysis is also done.  Loyal customers who get the product from the astrologer will also get one year free guidance. 

  • Horoscope Analysis

Astrological Consultancy

For Astrological Consultancy you have to book your session.

talismans protect from unwanted events

Astrological Talismans

Astrological Talismans are prepared if required after consultation.

Gem Selection

Astrological Gem Selection can be made, all are lab certified gemstones & untreated.