Astrologer Dr Shri Mithun has a vast amount of on field experience stretching upto 16 years. He had a passion for astrology since his childhood although it was not practiced by any of his family members. In the initial years, he collected data from all the reliable sources & analysed them after learning basics of astrology. He would spend hours studying horoscopes to become a graduate astrologer. He being a bright boy never had faith in any superstitions or any activities which are associated with dark world. So he wanted to understand the minutest details of human being. So he went to complete masters in astrology. But even then he found that Indian way of Astrological analysis & remedies were not at all reliable as they were based on fixed set of principles which had been developed by crooked people & named it as authentic vedic astrology.  No one could give a reference of authentic vedic astrology principle which had correct data or methodology to analyse the horoscope.  Every other book was found to be different using different jargons but the results were not to be conclusive. He took it as a challenge & started to apply for some of the premier college of Astrology worldwide. He was selected because he had very good marks entry examination of American Federation of Astrologers USA). But that was just the beginning, because he came from a country where people still believe in a road side astrologer, black magicians, tree leafs & tantriks. He wanted to help the educated people who had interest in improving their life by taking consultation from astrologer who has understanding of things causing problems. So after he got access to the research work of various astrologers, he studied them carefully & under the guidance of his teacher he focused on his research. But from within he took the responsibility to develop a new way of analyzing horoscopes. This new analysis was still a concept to eliminate stupid principles. Although it was a competitive environment, where few aspiring astrologers were also trying to eliminate the primitive techniques but Shri Mithun played a role of bringing all the aspirants together.

After spending years doing research & collectively working for a common goal they had to travel to far places. It was a life changing experience for the aspiring astrological researcher. He completed his research which received appreciation from the board. He joined International Society for Astrological Research (USA) for research in other legal & financial domain. Now he & his fellow researchers were on the way to try the software which was developed after years of hard work. After completing his research he & his friends analysed horoscopes & saw the accuracy to be at the highest. But to be very sure about their progress, the analysis reports were sent to various leading astrologers world wide, which in turn made even them interesting in contributing in every possible manner. The research continued for one extra year from the financial support of other leading astrologers. Eventually the software was approved by the council of french astrologers. Thus the international astrological researchers could agree upon the new dynamic astrology to be a much reliable way for calculations.

Then Dr. Shri Mithun wanted to become a complete medical astrologer after exploring other domains. He chose something which others always chose to avoid. He was given cancer patient longevity research since that was his area of interest. For this although data was available but it was not in a structured manner. Only statistics were available. Huge sample data was required from every corner of the world in the first place. So Dr Shri Mithun took help of his friends spread worldwide to help him gather data. Cancer patients were contacted & their birth details were analyzed. There were some common & uncommon factors which varied on geo presence.  It was completed in a record time & all the other factors were considered which were responsible for cancer. So finally the astrological research was considered a stable way to ascertain the longevity & ways to extend the human life was evaluated. This research was also used by other fellow researchers to do their research in other critical illness related astrology at The Faculty of Astrological Studies (UK). Dr. Shri Mithun was awarded gold medal for his research.

He has contributed many new findings to the world of astrology which are usually not considered in general form of astrology. Although the astrologer looks very young but his age has nothing to do with his findings. His work has been well appreciated by astrological researchers & he has also been awarded numerous times by astrological federations world wide.

Unlike any other astrologer, he doesn’t practice commercially. His session is of one hour & for clients.