Astrologer in Kolkata – Garia – Tollygunge

Astrologer in Kolkata – Garia – Tollygunge

Astrologer Dr. Shri Mithun is available from Monday to Saturday in Naktala Chamber on Garia Tollygunge, Kolkata. The chamber starts from 11 am & is open till 10 pm. All kinds of astrological consultation is available. Astrologer is a specially trained professional from American Federation of Astrologers USA, International Society for Astrological Research USA & The Faculty of Astrological Studies UK in multi specialty astrology. Please take an appointment prior to your visit, as all consultation are subject to prior appointment. This chamber is in South Kolkata area, nearest metro station is Gitanjali. Landmark: Naktala Shri Guru Sangha. This chamber is also near Jadavpur & one has to first reach Naktala Shri Guru Ashram & it’s one minute walking distance from there.

Directions: Please reach Naktala Shri Guru Sangha, enter into Health Hub Pharmacy lane, the chamber is in 4th (three storey) building on the left hand side in Phanindra Bhavan.


Consultation for all Astrological topics –  Rs. 1,000/- & free horoscope. Time: 1 hour


Recommended astrological item can be purchased from the astrologer after consultation.


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