Astrologer Dr Shri Mithun has a vast amount of on research experience stretching upto 16 years. He has a passion for astrology since his childhood although it was not practiced by any of his family members. In the initial years, he collected data from all the reliable sources & analysed them after learning basics of astrology. He would spend hours studying horoscopes to become a graduate astrologer. He wanted to understand the minutest details of human being. So he went completed masters in astrology. But even then he found that current Indian way of Astrological analysis & remedies were not at all reliable as they were based on fixed set of principles.  No one could give a reference of authentic vedic astrology principle which had correct data or methodology to analyse the horoscope. Every other book was found to be different using different jargon but the results were not to be conclusive.

Astrologer Shri Mithun took interest in global astrology & pursued his higher education in astrology from premiere astrological institutions such as American Federation of Astrologer (USA), International Society for Astrological Research (USA) & The Faculty of Astrological Studies (UK). He has contributed many new findings to the world of astrology which are usually not considered in general form of astrology.  Astrologer Shri Mithun has completed his PhD in Astrology & is also a gold medalist in medical astrology from UK. His work has been well appreciated by astrological researchers & he has also been awarded numerous times by astrological federations world wide.

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